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Nowadays, a large proportion of plastics consumed worldwide are produced by blow molding. The injection molding process are suitable to produce all kinds of plastic bottles.
Our company has accumulated rich industrial experience in plastic machine field for many years, dedicated on plastic machinery supplied and exported to different countries and regions all over the world.
We offer high quality accumulator head blow molding machine and plastic injection blow molding machine that suitable for making all kinds of plastic bottles, such as: shampoo bottles, detergent containers, edible oil containers, lubricant oil containers, or drums.
We also provide the turnkey project to serve customers, depend on the output demand, we can offer single, double, triple or four dies head, also can be single or double stations.

High Quality Plastic Blow Molding Machines with Competitive Prices

At Lien Chiny, you can find all kinds of high quality Plastic Blow Molding Machines with competitive prices.

Categories and Types of Plastic Blow Molding Machines

We supply Plastic Blow Molding Machines in two distinct categories.
● Accumulator Head Blow Molding Machine
● Plastic Injection Blow Molding Machine

Application of Plastic Blow Molding Machines

● Automotive parts
● Industrial containers
● Large housewares items
● Small medical containers
● Small hygiene bottles
● Food grade containers

Costs involved in Plastic Blow Molding

The costs in Plastic Blow Molding are lower than Injection Molding. The costs involved are :
● Material costs
● Machinery costs
● Mold costs

Advantages of Plastic Blow Molding

● Lower costs involved compare to injection molding

Top consideration for Plastic Blow Molding Design

● Mold design
● Quality control of process
● Plastic Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer long term Support