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Top 4 Common Plastic Manufacturing Machines. Which One is The Best Fit for You ?


Plastic Blow Molding Machine

Plastic Blow Molding process involves heating a plastic tube, known as a preform or a parison, to its melting point and the putting that into cavity of a mold. Then they use compressed air to inflate the molten plastic like a balloon, and it takes the shape of the mold. The common final blow-molded products are automotive parts, detergent bottles, water bottles, beverage bottles, and food packaging or containers.


Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Plastic Injection molding is a process that material for the product being molded is fed into a heated barrel, mixed and injected into a mold cavity. When the cavity is filled with molten plastic, it is cooled and the plastic hardens to the shapes of cavities. Plastic Injection Molding Machine is widely used in the production of plastic parts, from medical equipment, bottle caps, automotive parts to toys. Plastic Injection Molding Machine is also used for making PET preform.


PET Bottle Blowing Machine

Pet Bottle Blowing Machine is a high precision and speedy equipment for bottles manufacturer. PET Bottle Blowing Machine can operate easily without any special training. The machines are the most cost-effective solution for mass production of PET jars, bottles for small and medium scale factories. Most common type for the markets is Two Stage PET Bottle Blowing Machine, which is the best fit to provide bottles for cosmetics and drinks as well.


Plastic Blown Film Plant

Plastic Blown Film Extrusion is one of many polymer manufacturer processes. The Plastic Blown Film Plant is used to produce commodity and specialized polymer films that are typically used in packaging. The variety films include shrink, stretch, barrier films for shopping bags.

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