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Horizontal Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Lien Chiny is one of the leading Asian Plastic Injection Molding Machine Suppliers. We supply all ranges of Horizontal Injection Molding Machines, from small, mid size, high response, high speed and high pressure ; from semi to automatic of Horizontal Injection Molding Machines.
With over 30 years in the industry, Lien Chiny has grown to become a fully-integrated Horizontal Plastic Injection Moulding Machine supplier that offers everything in-house including systems design, installation, start-up, replacement parts and after service troubleshooting supports.

The Most Popular Types of Horizontal Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

You can find all sizes of Horizontal Injection Molding Machines and Plans at competitive prices here.
● Multi Color Injection Molding Machines
● Toggle Clamp Injection Molding Machines
● Hydraulic Cylinder Injection Molding Machines
● Servo Driven Injection Molding Machines